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Navigating Family Caregiving Across Cultures
22 January 2024
Family caregiving, a universal yet culturally nuanced practice, takes centre stage in understanding the dynamics of aging. Drawing insights from the Master of Science in...
Unveiling the Digital Frontier: AI and Chatbots
18 January 2024
Looking for career opportunities that spark excitement?  Welcome to the digital revolution, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots are reshaping the landscape of communication. In...
E-Sports Extravaganza: Asia and Singapore Ignite the Gaming Galaxy with Careers in Sport and Marketing! 
16 January 2024
Gear up for a wild ride through the heart-pounding world of E-sports as Asia takes centre stage, with Singapore leading the charge into the future...
Singapore Institute of Management: The Emphasis on Elevating Student Employability 
19 September 2023
In today’s fiercely competitive job market, fresh graduates need all the help they can get to stand out in the sea of resumes flooding recruiters’...
Why You Should Study A Digital Systems Security and Cyber Security Degree!
3 March 2023
As we move deeper into a technological future where business and leisure are being spent online, the need for robust cybersecurity has never been more...
Pursuing A Communications And Psychology Degree - Here’s Why!
3 March 2023
Communication is key for any career in any field, but when you combine it with the discipline of psychology, you gain a powerful combination of...
Geographic Information Science - Unlocking A Boundless Career
3 March 2023
Our world is a vast place and with it comes many questions about if an area is feasible to be developed for resources. Or perhaps...
Financial Accounting & Financial Management - A Combination For An Rewarding Career In Finance
3 March 2023
The finance industry, from the vibrant banking to new innovative fintech services, is an evergreen sector for anyone to build a career. Whether you are...
International Trade vs International Business - A Comparison You Must Know
3 March 2023
In today’s globalised world, the demand for business professionals armed with a global perspective has never been greater. Whether it is to coordinate a huge...
Pursuing A Degree In Economics & Finance - Is It Really Worth It?
3 March 2023
An economics degree goes beyond just understanding how the financial world works, it equips you with problem-solving skills that are valuable to a spectrum of...
What Is Computer Science? And Why To Pursue A Career In It!
3 March 2023
We use our computers or laptops daily to work, study, scroll through social media, watch our favourite dramas and play video games. But have you...
What Is Machine Learning? And Should You Pursue A Career In It?
3 March 2023
In our increasingly technology-fuelled world, the global machine learning market continues to thrive and experience steady growth. It was valued at $15.44 billion in 2021...