What Our Students Have to Say

Because we believe that what SIM has to offer is best described by our students, here are some of their testimonials. With more than 50 years of experience, we now have an alumni fraternity of 150,000 students from all around the globe.

Rowena Zhu

RMIT University
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

“SIM offers a great studying experience with a vibrant learning environment, diverse selection of programmes to choose from, advanced facilities, and passionate people around. I chose SIM because the ranking of Singapore’s education system is relatively high in comparison to other countries in Asia, and the living environment is dynamic and convenient.”

Jersey Mae Kwan

SIM, Singapore
Diploma in Management Studies

“SIM has a diverse community which allows me to be exposed to many networking opportunities and gain new experiences. I enjoy taking part in the various co-curricular activities as it helps to build my confidence level.”

Harsh Arora

University of London
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Management & Digital Innovation

“With its diverse student community, student activities, and great learning environment, SIM is a hub of opportunities. I was part of and led several student clubs which got me a lot of networking opportunities and helped me gain new experiences and leadership & management skills. In my LSE-led course from UOL, I got an opportunity to gain an insight into how things work in real life. The COVID-19 pandemic created a lot of problems initially, but soon SIM adopted to online lectures and Learn-from-Home, which helped me keep in contact with lecturers and continue my studies normally.
Overall, SIM offers a lot of opportunities for both academic and personal growth, which helped me a lot till date.”

Rishabh Choudri

University of London
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Economics & Management

“Singapore Institute of Management is an amazing university. It offers degrees from a wide range of foreign colleges and one of which is the UOL-LSE programme that I study in. It is a 3-year degree course in Economics & Management taught by SIM and directed by UOL-LSE.

SIM has been exceptional with regards to its method of teaching during this pandemic using its own software/website to provide easily accessible online classes which work without a glitch and has features where the student can interact easily with their professors, thereby making the virtual online classes seem almost like an actual classroom. The teaching faculty and staff are excellent and are always looking forward to clearing student’s queries while making sure that the lesson in hand is learnt well and forever. I personally feel that the professors and the university as a whole have not only taught me the subjects of this course but have made it more interesting, kept me constantly progressing, made sure there is ample communication within the virtual classroom and relating lessons taught to the real world scenario which I find extremely important.

If SIM can do such an amazing job during my first year online due to pandemic, I can only imagine how the learning experience would be at the SIM campus with its amazing student life and student clubs!

SIM is an amazing university and I am really glad to have joined this programme!”

J. Deepikasree

University of Birmingham
Master of Science Management: Strategy
Regional CRM Specialist at Shopee, Singapore

“SIM is a pool of opportunities. I enrolled myself in the UOB’s MSc Strategy Management course and found myself to be a part of a great learning environment.
All my lecturers flew down from London to take our classes, they were very dedicated in
teaching. The methods were more of fun practical learning than being just theoretical.
My batch was caught in the pandemic phase, however, SIM made the transition from on-campus study to online classes very smooth which did not hinder our learning.
Apart from all this, SIM provides a culturally diverse platform to interact with. This
certainly boosts one’s confidence to face the real world after the university days.
I would surely recommend studying in SIM if you are looking out for variety of courses
offered plus overall development.”


University of London
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Accounting & Finance

“Has it already been one year? Honestly, I can’t believe I have completed one year at SIM.  Landing at SIM was one of the most unexpected things that ever happened to me. Looking back at my Year 11 and 12 in my high school, I had no plans to apply to universities abroad. I don’t know what startled my parents to think about researching Singapore for my under graduation. When I submitted my application, I didn’t think that I would get accepted and I still remember the excitement when I got my acceptance letter. Joining SIM has truly turned my life. Although I started my journey online, however, even with remote university life, if I review last year I can proudly say that I have tried so many new things that I have not in the last 18 years of my life. I applied to as many societies and clubs as I could. Every society is different from the other, I met so many new people, people from different cultures and backgrounds and different parts of the world. I am happy to say that I have made so many friends. Being a Student Ambassador has helped me enhance my leadership and team-building skills and joining SIMAA truly helped me network with people in the accounting industry and enhance my technical skills. SIM has changed my perspective towards things, I have learned to step out of my comfort zone, try as many new things that are available, and most importantly I have learned to believe in myself. From the academic perspective, the lectures of our remarkable professors have changed my views of the subjects. I have learned to look at modules from a holistic perspective, to learn from real-life concepts and not only from an assessment point of view.  Right now I just can’t wait to go back to the SIM campus and experience the university life I have been thinking about all along. But even though this year 1 was online, I can still say that I have learned and changed for the better, and that’s only because of SIM. “

Harsh Shah

University of Wollongong
Bachelor of Computer Science (Digital Systems Security)

“When I first started looking for a major in Computer and Network Security for my tertiary education, SIM University of Wollongong has an industry wide reputation for professionals graduating from this course. My university course was instrumental in providing me with the basic and necessary ammunition to my arsenal. During our course, we learnt the basic building blocks about systems security and allowed me to strengthen my core basics about the subject. The lessons learnt and the knowledge gained during my university is invaluable and gave me a head start in my Cyber Security career.”


University of Birmingham, UK
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Business Management with Communications

“Back then, it was difficult for me to communicate in English, I’m afraid that I would not be able to cope up with my study. However, I’m so lucky and grateful that I found a lot people that were willing to help me get through my adjusting period especially during my diploma time. They were my classmates and my teachers. I remembered that some of my teachers were so patient in teaching us at class, they would not stop until we’re able to understand the module.”

Bah Hao Yi

SIM, Singapore
Diploma in Management Studies

“I chose to study at SIM as it is close to home and offers a great learning environment. There’s a lot of similarities between the culture in Malaysia and Singapore, allowing me to adapt quickly here. The lecturers in SIM are also friendly and approachable.”

Pham Thao Uyen

University of Wollongong
Bachelor of Computer Science (Digital Systems Security)

“I chose SIM in Singapore because it is close to home. The curriculum offered in SIM is the same as that offered on-campus in University of Wollongong. Course fees are more affordable and the school has well-equipped facilities and vibrant student life.”

Bae Sungbin

University of London
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Accounting and Finance

“SIM has global partnerships with universities from many countries and SIM is University of London’s (UOL) biggest partner in Asia. The lectures are not only run by local lecturers but also lecturers from UK. So in SIM-UOL, I can learn both styles of teaching, UK and Singaporean. United Kingdom is origin of modern accounting and Singapore is the financial hub of Asia. So pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in SIM was a very precious opportunity for me. Also the degree is developed and led by London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the prestigious university in UK. Studying in SIM was an invaluable experience. One of the best parts of studying in SIM is the diversity of students. I made friends from various countries and studying with them was amazing. It helped me to have a deep understanding on the topics and have the ability to think differently. “

Su Myat Moe

University at Buffalo, SUNY
Bachelor of Science (Business Administration)
Associate, Mergers & Acquisitions Operations, PwC Singapore

“SIM GE has a wide variety of clubs offered to the student community and that was one of the benefits that I took advantage of. The experiences there helped me significantly in my first job after graduation and even today, because they allowed me to explore my interests and learn many transferrable soft skills. My time with SIM-UB has helped me to gain a wide conceptual knowledge base with relevant hands-on experience. In addition to the technical skills I learnt, there are many soft skills I picked up such as networking, negotiating and building rapport, with people of different races and cultures, which had made a difference in my journey thus far.”