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Jerald Chua
28 July 2022
Pursuing a part-time degree while working full-time was never easy but Jerald Chua did that and found that his economics and finance degree from RMIT...
Vivian Chua
28 July 2022
A leader in digital transformation, Vivian Chua spent almost half her life in the tech sector. Taking a part-time degree from SIM-RMIT University was one...
Dima Djani
28 July 2022
Dima Djani’s career in the financial sector began when he landed a job at Citi after graduating with a business management degree from RMIT University....
Edwin Sugiaurto
28 July 2022
Unlike most peers, Edwin Sugiaurto knew what he wanted to study. The Indonesian took up a business degree with SIM-University of London as a first...
SIA Global Fare for SIM Students
22 June 2021
Check out the exclusive SIA fares for you with our appointed agents: a) CHAN BROTHERS TRAVEL (PTE) LIMITED ( b) DYNASTY TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD...
[Event Highlights] SIM Webinar: Management & Innovation of E-Business
[Event Highlights] SIM Webinar: Management & Innovation of E-Business
24 March 2021
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have profoundly transformed the way in which businesses operate. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has fostered more dependency of almost every...