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Welcome To The Build Your Own University Challenge!

Are you deciding where to study next? What is your Dream University like? We have a challenge for YOU!

The Build Your Own University (BYOU) Challenge is a virtual challenge focusing on YOU because we want to know what makes a University ideal for you. There is no
participation fee and there are amazing prizes to be

Individually or in teams of maximum of 3 people, you
will compete with  graduating students from across Malaysia to “Build your Dream University”. This challenge will be held virtually.

Do you want fun lecturers? What about an exciting student life? Are excellent sports facilities important to you? Maybe you’re looking for a technologically advanced campus that is right out of a sci-fi movie? Or perhaps, having great University friends that can support you is your priority.

We’ll love to know! Take up this challenge to express yourself, your dreams and most importantly B YOU!

Challenge Information

Registration Period 26 April – 30 June

Interested students (16 – 19 years old) may register through the SIM Malaysia website either as an individual or team of 2 or 3!

Registration includes a 1 minute video of you introducing yourself, sharing about what you did during the MCO (did you learn how to bake or make the Dalgona coffee?), challenges faced, and how you overcame them.

1st Round Selection Period 1 July

These videos will be posted on SIM’s Facebook from 1st July – 13th July.

Eligible individuals / teams (max of 3) will be selected based on the creativity and experiences shared in the video.

These videos will be posted on SIM’s Facebook!

Top 20 Selection 14 July

There will be a special talk organised for all participants. Top 20 will also be shared during this event. All attendees will obtain an e-certificate.

SIM Virtual Bootcamp 17 July

In this whole process, you are not alone! All eligible teams will be assigned a mentor and a one-day virtual bootcamp will be organised to give students tips on how to best prepare and present their Dream University.

All eligible teams will receive an e-certificate and goodie bags worth up to RM150 each!

Build Your Own University 18 – 23 July*

Students will start working on their project! Students are encouraged to be creative with their resources in building and presenting about their ideal university.

Building does not have to be an actual structure (though
students can if they want to). Students are free to present their concept, ideas and thought process during the presentation.

Semi-Finals 24 July*

All eligible teams will showcase their project in a 15 minutes presentation (inclusive of Q&A)

Finals 31 July*

Top 5 teams will showcase their project in a 15 minute presentation (inclusive of Q&A).

Top 5 teams will receive prizes and potential  application fee waivers worth up to RM30,000!

*Date may be subject to change and will be announced with prior notice.


*Waiver of Application Fee to SIM GE. Student results must be eligible to apply to SIM GE programmes commencing
in 2021 – 2022.

In a Nutshell

  • Register together with a 1 minute video (in English)
  • Challenge open to all students from 16 – 19 years old
  • You may choose to participate as an individual or as a team of up to 3!
  • You will have a team mentor throughout the challenge
  • Special talks will be organised just for you!
  • Certificates and Prizes worth up to RM40,000!

Participant Eligibility

  • Open to all Malaysian students from 16 – 19 years old
  • Individual or Team of maximum 3
  • Team members may come from different schools
  • Team members must not be current students of SIM

How to Register

  1. Take a 1 minute introduction video of yourself sharing
    your MCO experience.
  2. Register by submitting your details in this form here.
    Please attach your video when submitting your registration.*

*If there are any issues with the registration or attachment of
videos, please email to

Registration Deadline 30 June 2021

To avoid missing any registrations, if you have registered before 30 June and did not receive an email by the end of 1st July 2021, kindly email us at Thank you.

BYOU Registration