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Getting an education is just the first step to success and achievement. 

For the excellent student, SIM Global Education (SIM GE) has initiatives in place to recognise achievements, whether they are academic, sports or arts related.

SIM Global Education Undergraduate Scholarship

New or current students in bachelor’s degree programmes can apply for the SIM Global Education Undergraduate Scholarship. It is given to students with exemplary academic results or achievements in sports and arts.

  • The award is S$15,000 per scholar with no bond attached
  • Open to outstanding local and international students
  • Tenable for the minimum period required to complete the full course of study, as stipulated by the programme

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SIM Global Education Diploma Scholarship

New international students enrolling for diploma programmes awarded by SIM may apply for the SIM GE Academic Excellence Scholarship or SIM GE Merit Scholarship. 

  • Covers course fees only (in Singapore dollars) with no bond attached 
  • Open to international students with exemplary academic results with good communication skills 
  • Covers the minimum period required to complete the full course of study, as stipulated by the programme 

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SAFRA-SIM Global Education Sponsorship

SAFRA members can tap into the SAFRA-SIM GE Sponsorship under the SAFRA Education Scheme to further their education.

SIM GE will sponsor up to a maximum of four sponsorships, by SAFRA, for each academic year. 

  • Open to eligible new incoming students undertaking full-time SIM diploma programmes
  • 50% sponsorship of course fees for diploma students  

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Chairman's Award for Resilience

Working professionals who have completed (or about to complete) a part-time Bachelor or Master’s Degree with us may apply for the Chairman’s Award for Resilience.

  • The award is $3,000 per awardee
  • Open to both local and international students who have performed well at work and studies
  • Displayed resilience in overcoming setbacks in life

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Other Scholarship Schemes

IRAS Scholarship Programmes

IRAS Scholarship – Merit Undergraduate Scholarship and Mid-Term Undergraduate Scholarship

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) acts as an agent of the Government, providing service in the administration of taxes and enterprise disbursements. We represent Singapore internationally on matters relating to taxation and provide advice on property valuation to the Government.

Map opportunities for yourself and help chart the future for IRAS in a variety of roles.

Register your interest here to be informed when we open our next application exercise.

•    For new students -Merit Undergraduate Scholarship
•    For existing students – Mid-Term Undergraduate Scholarship

What are we looking for
•    Passion to serve and shape the tax landscape
•    Outstanding CCA results and leadership qualities
•    Excellent academic results

Benefits of Scholarship
•    Maintenance allowance 
•    Tuition and other compulsory fees
•    Pre-studies allowance
•    Computer allowance
•    Approved overseas exchange (if applicable)
•    Attachment with IRAS
•    Mentorship by IRAS senior management

How to apply
1. When application is open, interested applicants can click on the following link: 

2. Select IRAS under Scholarship Providers 

3. Select either the IRAS Merit Undergraduate (for new students) or Mid-Term Scholarship (for existing students)

Things to Note
Successful applicants are to serve a bond period of 4 years with IRAS (may be adjusted for Mid-Term Undergraduate Scholarship)

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