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Student Care

We believe that healthy, well-balanced and effective individuals are more likely to do well in life. Our Student Care team regularly organises programmes to encourage healthy living, wellness, stress management, and the development of other soft skills that will boost your well-being.

Counselling Services

If you are feeling overwhelmed or facing challenges such as managing your studies or adjusting to a new environment, you can seek professional help and guidance from a qualified counsellor at the Student Wellness Centre.

Simply contact us to book an appointment.
Counselling Request Form:
Operating hours: Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm

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Peer Support

SIM Peer Mentors are passionate about helping their fellow SIM GE students. They are always ready to lend you a listening ear, encourage a culture of care and support, and facilitate social integration on the campus.

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Wellness Resources

Browse our library of wellness resource materials providing basic tips on physical, social, emotional and mental wellness.

Every year, we also recruit SIM students to join us as Wellness Advocates. As agents of change championing the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, they promote a healthy campus culture by organising wellness initiatives and programmes just for you.

Student Wellness Centre

Location: SIM Headquarters, Block B, Level 2, B2.11
Operating hours: Mondays to Fridays (we are closed on weekends and public holidays)

Participate in activities and events at the Student Wellness Centre that help you to unwind and relax, and learn more about wellness through our talks and workshops.