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Davis Koh
28 July 2022
Armed with an international business degree from SIM-University of Birmingham, Davis Koh started out as a Management Trainee in a global education seminar company. In...
Vivian Chua
28 July 2022
A leader in digital transformation, Vivian Chua spent almost half her life in the tech sector. Taking a part-time degree from SIM-RMIT University was one...
Caroline Fong
28 July 2022
Caroline Fong wears three hats in Manulife US REIT – she is the Chief Investor Relations and Capital Markets Officer as well as the Chief...
Jerald Chua
28 July 2022
Pursuing a part-time degree while working full-time was never easy but Jerald Chua did that and found that his economics and finance degree from RMIT...
Top 5 Jobs in Cybersecurity for 2021
9 December 2020
While digital transformation brings enormous benefits, we can all agree that with technology comes great responsibility. The question is: are we ready for that? Do...
Enhance Your Career: 6 Solid Reasons to Pursue a Master’s Degree
9 December 2020
From lives to livelihoods, the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted life as we know it. Whether you’re a fresh graduate looking to start your career or...