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Build mental toughness and discipline through our 70+ clubs and student councils such as sports, arts and culture, international student communities, leadership and development, and special interests groups.

Student Testimonials

“I like the feeling of being constantly challenged; it keeps me on my toes. Joining SIM International Affairs Society’s Model United Nations programme certainly opened the doors to a whole slew of challenges, and I think I’ve become the better for it. (2018)”

Jonah FoongEnJie

Student, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in International Relations University of London, UK Director for Diplomatic Conferences, SIM International Affairs Society (IAS)

“From international exposure in the UK to stepping up as the Vice-President of SIM Young Entrepreneur Network, I have been constantly challenged to push myself for the better. I am also granted the chance to undertake an overseas internship in Hanyang University Office of International Affairs, Korea; which I am very much looking forward to! (2017)”

Sylvester Sia Jun Jie

Student, Bachelor of Science (Honours) International Business University of Birmingham, UK Vice-president, SIM Young Entrepreneur Network (YEN)