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It’s been a while friends! I’m currently on my lunch break before I head to my next class so I thought I should update my blog.

Since we’re on the topic of lunch, one of the things I absolutely love about studying at SIM is that it has a wide range of food choices on campus to satisfy different appetites and taste buds. SIM is very culturally diverse – I have classmates from different corners of the world like India, Korea, Myanmar and Indonesia just to name a few! I personally feel that the abundance of food choices can be very comforting for us foreign students in Singapore, being so far away from home.

The food courts do get super crowded during lunch hour and since I get asked all the time what’s good to eat here, this is my list of top 5 must-try dishes at SIM!

Where: Block A, Foodclique

Always dependable and great value for money, Foodclique is a crowd favourite among all students!


Stall name: Indonesian Express (Halal)

Must-try: Nasi Ayam Penyet
A delicious dish of “smashed” fried chicken and rice. Served with an addictive sambal (chilli), sliced cucumbers and fried tofu on a bed of rice doused in curry. I was told that this touch of curry is unique to this stall! This dish is great for spicy food lovers like me, but if you can’t handle the heat, add in some sweet sauce to make it more manageable.  
Price: S$5.50
Also recommended: Steamed Chicken Set, Ikan Dory Set

Stall name: Vegetarian

Must-try: Salad.
This is the default choice for those on a diet, or if you simply want to eat healthier. For me, I come to enjoy a quick, guilt-free meal in between classes. I like that there’s a good variety of items like baby corn, protein balls, seaweed tofu, pasta and potato salad to choose from.
Price: From S$4.20 onwards
Also recommended: Try the Japanese Sesame Sauce salad dressing!

Stall name: Noodles

Must-try: Yong Tau Foo.
Pick what you like from a salad bar-like counter stacked full of fresh vegetables, fishballs, crabmeat sticks, seaweed chicken and others. Let the cook know if you want your ingredients served dry (soup will served on the side), or in a laksa (spicy, curry-like) or clear soup. Enjoy with your choice of noodles or rice.
Price: From S$3.80 onwards for a minimum of 6 ingredients
Also recommended: Help yourself to the unique sweet sauce and chilli dip!

Where: Blk A, Kampung

Opened in 2017, this is our newest food court on the block!


Stall name: Anggen Ma La Cuisine

Must-try: Ma La Xiang Guo
A tongue-numbing stir-fried dish of scrumptious goodness that’s originally from China. The concept is similar to yong tau foo, except the ingredients are priced by weight and stir-fried, not boiled in soup. You’ll also need to choose the level of spiciness you can stomach.
Price: No fixed amount as it depends on what you pick. But be warned, it can get pricey! If you’re on a budget, go easy on the meat and seafood and choose more vegetables.

Where: Blk B, Foodfest (Halal)

An alternative for halal food in SIM!

 Hainanese Chicken Rice

Must-try: Hainanese Chicken Rice
One of Singapore’s most famous local food! Whether you like your chicken steamed or roasted, you must enjoy this heavenly dish with its three accompanying dips: garlic chilli, ginger and dark soya sauces.
Price: S$2.80
Also recommended: Upgrade your dish to a more nutritional meal by adding vegetables (Kailan), braised egg and tofu!

These are my recommendations but don’t just take my words for it! Watch my friends have a go at some of the dishes above on the SIM YouTube Channel here.

I have to rush off to my next class now, catch you later!



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